Stretch Marks And Pregnancy

Discover how to prevent stretch marks in time.

The appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy is considered a hormonally conditioned occurrence, determined mainly by a woman's genetic disposition. Accelerated skin elasticity, besides hormones, contributes to skin cracking due to the increase in the size of the stomach and breasts. Therefore, the only prevention is the maintenance of adequate moisture and oiliness of the skin, as well as gentle massage of the skin with creams against the stretch marks.

Since creams against stretch marks should be applied several times a day, which significantly increases resorption, attention should be paid to indicating that a specific product is suitable for use during pregnancy.

We recommend using Golden Balm, based on shea butter, to prevent stretch marks. Shea butter deeply penetrates the skin and regenerates it. Therefore it can be used for the treatment of stretch marks and scars. It also helps capillary circulation, which increases the level of oxygen in the tissue and improves the elimination of metabolic waste substances, i.e., toxins.

Skincare is very important during regular showering, i.e., treating the parts of the skin affected by stretch marks. Therefore, we recommend using soaps based on shea butter (soaps Lime or Rose), which gives skin the necessary moisture and softness while showering.

Shea butter contains valuable plant oils that help regenerate the skin cells, circulation and healing of damaged skin. It is especially recommended for people with sensitive and dry skin. 

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