Dr.Pasha Almond Cream – With cold-pressed oil for full effectiveness

Ever heard the story? Those tiny almonds were so precious—they held significance from ancient times. Even the Ancient Greeks savoured their taste, perhaps unaware of the health benefits. And why should the Romans miss out on this tale?

Nature provides remedies for all, while synthetic products often do more harm than good. That's why we proudly introduce our Almond Cream from the Baby collection, a natural gem amidst our offerings.


The importance of diaper area care

Dr.Pasha Almond Cream serves as the ultimate ally in caring for a baby's delicate skin, particularly in the diaper area. This zone faces constant exposure to moisture, urine substances, and stool enzymes, which can lead to irritation.

A baby's skin, especially in cold or dry weather, demands safe and natural hydration. Dr.Pasha Almond Cream stands out due to its key components: cold-pressed almond oil and shea butter. This unique blend offers intensive hydration and shields the skin. Its easy application, quick absorption, and gentle touch make the skin soft and smooth. Moreover, it actively prevents irritation and soothes inflammation.


Why cold-pressed almond oil is better than others

Cold-pressed almond oil, derived purely from almond seeds, boasts higher quality compared to oils produced through alternate methods, mainly due to reduced oxidation and enhanced stability. The absence of high temperatures or chemical processes minimizes oxidation, extending the oil's shelf life and preserving its nutritional potency. This method retains a higher concentration of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants inherent in raw almonds.

Utilized in skincare or haircare, cold-pressed almond oil delivers exceptional benefits owing to its retained nutritional value, abundant vitamin E, omega fatty acids, and other essential nutrients. Opting for cold-pressed oil whenever feasible ensures superior value and quality, surpassing oils processed through alternative means.


Effect on the entire organism

Dr.Pasha Almond Cream is enriched with simple and complex unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, lecithin, flavonoids, fragrances, and proteins. This comprehensive blend extends beyond individual organic systems, offering soothing effects on dry, sensitive skin. It revitalizes, leaving a radiant, hydrated glow and an even complexion. It's also ideal for facial skin as it doesn't block pores.

All Dr.Pasha products are 100% clean and free from harmful synthetic ingredients. Their quality and safety are substantiated by microbiological analysis, ensuring complete safety and efficacy.

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