Characteristics of natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics are based on natural raw materials, and all variations in raw materials are reflected in the finished product. The properties of butter or natural and essential oils vary depending on various factors, such as the number of sunny days, soil moisture or the genetic predisposition of the plant. That's why differences in scent or color shades, as well as minor differences in consistency, are possible between different batches of the same product.

Also, improper storage of balms and exposure to extremely high or low temperatures leads to significant changes in the texture, in the form of granulation or more difficult spreading of the balm.

All the mentioned changes do not affect the quality of the product, and as such it is completely safe for use.

On the other hand, a product that has an unpleasant and rancid smell is considered defective; on which a significant change in color can be observed; or where there was a major change in consistency, i.e. the separation of the water and fat phases.

All Dr. Pasha products are 100%
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