When nature and science come together

Imagine a world where you don't have to worry about whether something is good for you or your health. A world where only the truth is spoken. A world where what is promised to you is fulfilled. An environment where knowledge is put to the service of improving the health of the skin and the entire organism. We created that world by directing our scientific knowledge into the production of 100% safe, pure and natural skin care products.

Everything is in nature...

Yes, everything needed for healthy skin is already found in nature. The secret of health is in nature, and our mission is to make skin care safe for the entire organism. And no, we are not the ones who came up with the saying "In a healthy body, a healthy mind!", but we are the ones who know how to live this truth through skin care. Why leather? Simply because it is our first contact with the outside world. Through the skin we first get to know the environment, through the skin we feel, through the skin we experience. But the skin absorbs and brings into the body everything that we apply to it. We cannot control the environment, but we can control what we put on it.

And this is the thought that guides us - everything we apply to our skin should be of natural origin, strictly controlled, formulated to give maximum results, without negative effects for the body.


There is a lot in science as well

Nobody likes copies, and the skin does not like synthetically created ingredients, which are found in most cosmetic products today. That's why we use originals, and they are found in nature.

However, combining natural ingredients into the perfect formulation of unique products for different skin types and conditions requires a lot of knowledge. Such formulations come from our laboratory every day as 100% natural products, the composition of which ensures that each of them gives maximum results for healthy and beautiful skin.

0% hidden ingredients

Our cosmetics contain only what we say they are - natural ingredients that come from proven sources, which guarantees the origin and excellence of everything that bears the name of Dr. Passover. In our products you will never find what should not be in them - harmful synthetic ingredients such as preservatives, fillers, emulsifiers or mineral oils. What else is not in our cosmetics?

All Dr. Pasha products are 100%
natural and always will be.


100% Clean
100% Natural
0% hidden ingredients