Dr.Pasha Baby – a perfect blend of ingredients for complete baby care

The initial year of parenthood is an emotional whirlwind, reshaping lives and demanding quick adjustments and newfound skills. It's a phase where many parents wish for an instruction manual with their baby. Emotions vary widely, from profound love and boundless joy to moments of insecurity, apprehension, and uncertainty.

The first moments of calm emerge when parents establish a rhythm and routine with their baby. Beyond feeding, establishing consistent routines for diaper changes and bathing is crucial, and products like those offered by Dr.Pasha Baby are integral in this process.


100% Clean, 0% hidden ingredients

We all pursue naturalness - in human conduct, in embracing nature's embrace... The term "natural" has become essential amidst the era of instant synthetics and plastics.

In our Baby cosmetics, what we claim is what you get in its composition. Our products never contain harmful synthetic elements like preservatives, fillers, emulsifiers, or mineral oils. When we say "100% natural," we mean ingredients designed to shield the skin and prevent irritation. Our formulations incorporate raw materials such as cold-pressed organic almond oil, shea butter, panthenol, probiotics, zinc, and allantoin. They actively contribute to skin regeneration and mitigate inflammatory processes.


Baby collection for the complete safety of little ones

Dr.Pasha stands as a premier manufacturer of natural, clean cosmetics, committed to offering parents, guardians, and caretakers the safest choices for their babies.

The four products from our Baby collection maintain the perfect moisture-oil balance.

The unique formula of our 100% natural Almond Cream serves as a trusted ally in overall sensitive baby skin care. It stabilizes the lipid layer, providing intensive hydration and protective properties. Derived from almond oil, obtained through the initial cold pressing of broken almonds.

SOS Cream is 100% natural and is the best ally for diaper rash, redness, and irritation. It is enriched with probiotics, zinc, panthenol, and allantoin, which regenerate and reduce inflammatory conditions of the skin. It is extremely rich in necessary vitamins and minerals of natural origin, which are suitable for sensitive skin. It facilitates diaper changing and prevents skin irritations caused by sweat and daily rubbing of the diaper on the delicate skin of the child.

Baby Bath 2in1 is intended for the morning or night routine of babies. It is also suitable for the care of the diaper area.

Baby Lotion is effective in protecting, nourishing, and caring for a baby's skin. The beneficial combination of almond oil and shea butter provides the baby's skin with the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals while retaining its natural moisture. It is absorbed into the skin very quickly, leaving a protective layer that prevents further drying. Panthenol and probiotics soothe, protect, and provide effective care for irritated skin and redness. Use as part of the daily care of the baby's body.



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