What Are Natural Cosmetics?

Find out how nature helps beauty.

Natural cosmetics exclude the presence of chemical and synthetic preservatives. Hand-prepared extracts of medicinal plants, herbal and essential oil, natural waxes, water, and alcohol created by the extraction of plants are most often used. Natural cosmetics are not tested on animals. The packaging must also be environmentally friendly.

How do cosmetics survive without preservatives?

As preservatives, cosmetics act on natural antibacterial components of products - essential oils, propolis and alcohol (natural alcohol), and appropriate procedures during production and packaging (a tube instead of a jar or a bottle with a unique cover). 

How to achieve an exceptional quality of natural cosmetics?

In our workshop, we create and shape all our products by hand. Our raw materials are entirely natural. For example, when we use corn, we use corn that has been ground in a mill and authentic teas and herbs picked from meadows and pastures.

What makes natural cosmetics specific, and why should you choose them?

Given that our skin is responsible for our entire organism, and as an organ, it has its functions, it is essential to encourage its natural functioning and not additionally overwhelm it. Furthermore, the skin (lat. cutis, Greek dermis) is our biggest organ which takes up 18% of the human body weight and is the best indicator of our overall state of health.

Philosophy of natural cosmetics

With their natural ingredients, Dr. Pasha products restore strength, invigorate the spirit, and enable you to enjoy a unique moment of relaxation, leaving the skin soft and fresh. Our goal is not to be the most extensive and widespread on the market but to be excellent in what we do, which is promoting a healthy lifestyle by using only the best from nature.

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