Natural Hair Care

Tips for shiny and healthy hair.

Healthy and beautiful hair makes us content, confident, and desirable. In addition, hair is an indicator of everything happening in our bodies and soul. We can tell by our hair what kind of state our organism is in and our mood.

Here are a few of the tips for proper and promising hair care:

  • Dry hair without the use of a hair dryer 
  • Avoid too much sun as well as too much cold
  • For oily hair, take strands of hair between your palms and massage the shampoo directly into your hair 
  • Before washing, brush the hair thoroughly to remove dirt and untangle the hair
  • For washing, use only lukewarm running water
  • Use only herbal shampoos 
  • Use products that contain an oil mixture (especially argan oil) but also coconut and sesame oil 
  • Use products that contain nettle
  • Use St. John’s wort macerate for dandruff and thin hair, but avoid applying it on fair hair

Love your hair; give it a few minutes every day, and it will give you back twice as much with its beauty.

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