Tips For Beautiful And Healthy Skin

Make your skin hydrated, smooth and soft.

  • Do you have acne or blackheads on your chin or the edges of your cheeks? The cause of this can be your cell phone because the bacteria from the telephone handset can irritate the skin. Solution: don’t press the handset to your face; disinfect your handset daily. 
  • Your pillow can be your greatest enemy if you have oily or acne-prone skin. Oil and dirt collect on the edges of your skin, so change your pillowcase a few times a week.
  • Bathe in warm instead of too hot water, and limit your shower time. Hot water reduces the moisture of your skin, and it becomes dry. Therefore, the length of exposure to warm or hot water has the same effect.
  • Maximize the action of the moisturizing additives in your lotion/milk for the body. Apply it immediately after showering or bathing while the skin is still slightly wet.
  • Wash your skin with soap using small circular motions from the bottom to the top. If you soap your skin from top to bottom instead, you harm the skin’s elasticity.

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