Argan Oil - Liquid Gold

Discover why argania belongs to the world heritage of humanity.

Did you know that the argan wood from which argan oil is produced grows only in Morocco? In 1998 UNESCO declared Argan wood the Cultural Heritage of Mankind, and due to its complex production and healing properties, it was also named “the liquid gold”.

Argan Wood (Argania Spinosa)

It is resistant to droughts and high temperatures. It survives up to 200 years; when it dies, it can only revive after seven years. The tree that is the symbol of life grows big, round and green-colored fruit. The fruit consists of a nut from which argan oil is produced. Argan oil is still made traditionally - the stone breaks the nut, the core of the nut is grounded, and the mixture is kneaded and squeezed with hands until the oil is produced. It is estimated that 70 to 100 kg of fruit is needed to make a liter of argan oil. In Morocco, this precious oil is considered a symbol of independence and emancipation of Moroccan women who, by processing this fruit, secure better living conditions for their families.


Women hand-pick and gather nuts, break them with stone, and the pits within the nut are then grounded into a thick paste. The paste is then squeezed to get oil. This very demanding and long-lasting procedure makes this oil a valuable and rare final product. The benefits of argan oil are numerous, especially skin, hair, and nail care. In addition, Argan oil represents a natural nectar of beauty that Moroccan women have been using for beautification rituals for centuries.

Argan Soap

Originating as a unique formulation enriched by pure argan oil, Argan Soap softly cleanses, revitalizes and regenerates the skin. It is rich in antioxidants and is incredibly efficient in skin care that is prone to acne, as well as care of matured face skin. In addition, it profoundly cleanses clogged pores and is suitable for treating dark spots on the skin.

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