Golden Balm and Apricot Oil Set

KM 24,95 Ingredients: Golden Balm, Apricot Oil

A luxurious combination of Golden Balm, which protects and nourishes dry, dehydrated and tired skin of the face and body, and Apricot Oil, which with its exceptional healing properties is synonymous with top-notch skin care.


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Product info

Golden Balm

Golden Balm is an irreplaceable luxury balm that acts on the symptoms of problematic and sensitive skin.

It protects the skin of people of all ages from the various influences to which it is exposed on a daily basis. The excellent moisturizing and regenerating action of the salve makes it an excellent choice in cases of temporary discomfort on the skin as well as a more permanent, chronic problem.

Apricot Oil

Apricot Oil is the best natural, intensive wrinkle lifting and ideal care for dehydrated and mature skin.

It is perfect for tightening wrinkles around the eyes and around the lips, cheeks, neck and forehead. It soothes sunburn, soothes irritated skin and helps chapped skin as well as flaky skin.

Golden Balm, Apricot Oil