Comfrey Salve

KM 8,45 Ingredients: Shea butter, comfrey extract, beeswax

A beneficial synergy of shea butter, beeswax and comfrey extract

Comfrey extract is rich in many high-value active principles, which act in synergy and encourage the proliferation of cells in bones, connective and subcutaneous tissue.


Categories: Balms and Salves
Tags: gavez, melem, otekline, reuma

Product info

It has a beneficial effect on damaged skin, painful joints and muscles, hemorrhoids, enlarged and inflamed veins. Comfrey balm is recommended for conditions such as: sprains and dislocations, rheumatism and arthritis, back pain, superficial wounds and scars, swelling, scratches.

Usage: Apply several times a day in a thin layer to the skin.

Shea butter, Glycerin monostearate SE, Comfrey extract, Glycerin, Beeswax, Cetearyl alcohol, Vitamin E