Argan Soap and Argan Oil Set

KM 30,95 Ingredients: Argan Soap, Argan Oil

Argan Soap and Argan Oil together create an ideal cocktail of vitamins, minerals and organic fats. Argan oil has healing properties and helps in the treatment of scars, acne and similar conditions. It has a beneficial effect on dark spots on the skin caused by sunbathing and accelerates the regeneration of tissue with burns.


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Product info

Argan Soap

The soap is a mixture of argan oil and other natural, organic oils and flax seeds. It works extremely well as a prevention of skin aging, for the treatment of mature skin and for the reduction of wrinkles.

Argan Oil

Argan Oil mixed with avocado, almond, vanilla and aloe vera oil contains a high level of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. The combination of these ingredients extends the beneficial effect of argan oil on the skin.

The oil has a beneficial effect on acne-prone skin as it helps clear clogged pores. It also acts as a natural wrinkle lifter, against eczema, psoriasis, skin damage, stretch marks, blemishes and pigmentation.

Argan Soap, Argan Oil