Dr.Pasha workshop of natural cosmetics has primarily emerged from the ambition and aspiration to restore the organic skin treatment. Through participation of various connoisseurs of science, chemistry, pharmacy, biology and medicine, we integrated the recipes, fostered the right aspirations and desired effects. The idea for the first Dr.Pasha products – handmade natural soaps – came about spontaneously, nearly by an accident. Using the chemical substances, the originator of natural soaps experienced different changes on the skin. Therefore, a personal trouble, and the use of the traditional recipes, gave rise to a soap from natural ingredients. After its use, the skin condition was greatly improved. And that is how our great story was born

Originally, one kind of soap was created, and then, the soaps for different uses and skin problems were made. The soaps, as the first Dr.Pasha brand, immediately found their buyers and their place on market. They gained respect of nature lovers exactly due to their completely natural ingredients. Nowadays, the production process and the hand crafting of Dr.Pasha products, as well as the recognizable appearance inspired by traditional motives of Bosnia and Herzegovina contributes to reunification of human being and nature for the sake of beauty, health and great sensation. All Dr.Pasha products are produced from 100% natural and best quality raw materials from a biological, organic cultivation without any additives, fillings and preservatives, and they are not tested on animals. Nowadays, our assortment of products, boasts 6 different lines: soaps, creams, oils, aromatherapy, baby line and sets with a total of 58 products.

Dr.Pasha story is written in by the language of nature, interwoven with fragrances and colors of the most beautiful fields. Dr.Pasha workshop of natural cosmetics believes that the rich and diverse nature has given us so many things that it is completely unnecessary and harmful to find solutions for care in chemical substances. That is where our slogan finds its place: "Beauty, boosted by nature". Our products are indeed 100% natural and we guarantee that by each percentage. That means the products do not contain any preservatives, artificial colors, alcohol, synthetic substances, industrial base elements, emulsifiers, stabilizers, perfumes, or any other chemicals. We do not test our products on animals.

In production, we exclusively and uncompromisingly use the raw materials that do not have any mechanical processing and do not have any contact with substances that would vitiate a rich content of minerals, vitamins, amino acids necessary for the care and maintenance of skin health. Our ingredients such as kernel butter, seed oil and highly concentrated essential oils produce excellent results in the prevention and the treatment of various skin problems. With many years of efforts, work and research in field of natural care, we expand our activities with a line of new Dr.Pasha products, with new recipes. We follow traditional recipes and we also follow the world trends in skin care based on natural ingredients – we make effort to produce a favorite product for all, which would spoil, relax and revive the skin and the body.

We are very proud of the presence of our products in the BiH market as well as in the regional markets. Currently, our products are found in 6 countries amongst which there are - the local market: BiH, - export markets: Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and the Netherlands. Through certain hotel chains, we are also present in other world countries. On a daily basis, we receive numerous queries from foreign markets as to how they may get hold of our products, and we work hard to make our distribution network and products as accessible as possible.

An important segment that takes a lot of our attention is the certification and quality improvement. Considering that we have certificate ISO 9001:2008, our goal is additional certification and investment in training of our staff. Also it is important to say that some prestigious dermatological institutes from Europe gave us top marks for the quality of certain products, such as the Dermatest Institute from Germany. We wish to keep the trust of our customers, but also to gain trust of the new ones. Amid huge economic crisis and recession, falling turnover and weaker market performance, Dr.Pasha proudly registers growth and expansion, making ever better results.

Almedina Čovrk 

I remember a long time ago your humble beginnings and how you transformed your knowledge into products of superior value, and back then you cooked them in ordinary pots in kitchen conditions. I was fascinated then and even now my fascination remains unabated. I am satisfied to use your products, especially for problematic skin with acnes, and I am even happier to buy them as presents. This combination of superior quality, locally manufactured and perfect packaging leaves speechless even those who are the pickiest. When we add pride because you are a local manufacturer, be convinced that you deserve to be the only choice for most people, and you are definitely my choice.


Sonja Čokan Bogilović

I have been using Dr.Pasha creams and oils for a long time. The first time I bought baby cream in Sarajevo, when I was on a holiday. When I saw that it was written that it is not dangerous even in case the child swallows a bit of the cream, I bought it immediately. After that (I bought) the argan oil and the argan cream which I use when I feel that my skin needs something “great and opulent”. It always has the effect of special nourishment to my face, and my husband says that I have a nice complexion, especially for my age. So that whenever we are in Sarajevo we buy all sorts of Dr.Pasha products. We wish you all the luck and success in future work!


Belle and the Makeup

Despite recognizing at first touch and smell of Dr.Pasha argan oil cream the main ingredients of this wonderfully fragrant, instantly meltable cream when in touch with the skin, I started to analyze its composition in order to find a “catch”. Most often finding a “catch” in cosmetics is easy for me, since the cosmetic industry “has progressed” so much that it has imposed even mineral oils as healthy food as the replacement for the vegetable ones. However, this time I remained surprised!


Enida Kapur 

Dr.Pasha baby cream is not just only for the babies, all of my household members use it. Our skin is like baby's behind– soft, breathable, without infections, irritations and bacteria, - and all that is thanks to the best cream!


Milijana Bašić

We heard about you even in Serbia, more precisely in Šid. Well done and best regards.


Vesna Horvat‎ 

Several days ago I bought candle Summer Moments for massage. When it melted and when I started to massage myself I was so happy. Fragrance is fantastic and there is no better feeling than a warm oil on back. It spreads beautifully and it is very easy to massage. And the smell is so enchanting that I cannot wait to try the other varieties. The room itself smelled wonderfully for 24 more hours. I strongly recommend trying it.


Magda Bovan‎ 

Dr.Pasha Golden Balm, Lip Balm and Dr.Pasha oils turned out to be excellent for facial care. I hope that you will additionally broaden the assortment of products for facial and body care, since I would love to switch completely to natural cosmetics, and still support local brand and local economy. Your big fan wishes you a lot of success in your work!


Tijana Filipović

I discovered you a few days ago, bought yesterday, tried today and I am very happy with the rose soap, you are my new favorite brand. Continue with your work, I recommend you to everybody.


Ivanka Sabadin Ferenčak 

Of your products, I tried the baby cream and I am thrilled, no traces of redness, rash, and the skin is soft and fragrant. Even the mom borrows the hand cream sometimes and the hands are soft and nourished.

Resha Savanovic

LOVE your soap, brought to me as a gift all the way here in Canada!


Lida Vrtagić

I have been using your products for a year and I have to admit that I have never tried anything better than them, and I have to commend especially the pure argan oil, it is really excellent for the skin and the hair.


Ana Mihajlović

I am so glad you exist! I have been using your products for two weeks, primarily because the products are NATURAL. I started from the argan line (the soap and the cream) and you see, after about two weeks, I am thrilled by the products! I am so happy using them! I wish you a looooot of success and that Dr.Pasha brand becomes the FIRST at the market. I hope that you will include one day also some hair shampoos to your production, so that I sort out that issue too. Best regards and I wish you all the best! P.S. Do not stop producing the line of argan products under any circumstance! Superior products!


Bojana Sredojević

Greetings! We have been using Dr.Pasha baby cream exclusively for 4, 5 months. There has never been any diaper rash, the baby's skin is perfect. We try to give to our baby the best natural ingredients and materials and that is why we use the cotton diapers and Dr.Pasha baby cream. .

Matea Horvat

Dear Sir/Madam, I am very satisfied with Golden Balm, I bought it for facial care. But I noticed that the stretch marks started to appear on thighs and since I have Golden Balm, I only rub it on them. Thank you!


Mirzeta Krehić

It is needless to say anything; I am thrilled by your products. I use a lot of your products, and my daughters use them too, they just do not want (to admit) that we use the same products.  Three of us enjoy the fragrances of candles and other products.


Azra Jokić

Dr.Pasha baby cream for us is a true discovery. Considering that our baby has atopic dermatitis, after we tried a million other creams, we could not be clever regarding what to use and so they recommended to us Dr.Pasha baby cream and all our problems are solved.  We wish you a lot of success and best regards!


Sarah Demir 

My mother is a pharmacist, and, in the period of puberty, my pimples were the biggest problem, so she brought me various creams and soaps from the pharmacy and they were not very helpful. But I remember that one day she brought Dr.Pasha poppy & cinnamon soap which smelled to me like granny's cookies.  And it was really helpful. Strong recommendation to all.

Thank You!